Perspective Zhe step recording Yongkang Rassine Challenge Cup ride station

2016-05-03 15:11:51 rassine READ

The first "Rassine" Challenge Cup Indoor TT-cum-riding station Wars

January 17, 2016, the first "Rassine" Challenge Cup ride station successfully held in Yong Kang Stadium. Hundreds of riding friends after hours of intense competition, the valiant and heroic, self-break, to create success, successful completion of the ride sets challenges for cycling winter add a passion.

The Challenge is by the National Bicycle Industry Information Center, China Bicycle Association, Sports Bureau hosted Yongkang, Zhejiang tortoise and the hare Sports Development Co., Ltd., Yongkang Cycling Association, China riding Friends Network hosted build brand names and famous trademarks, geographical features formed brand event. Sponsors have Yongkang BLS cycling club, cycling club Yongkang flames, while Tetsuya step was riding sport socks, Li Yan riding station, a strong endorsement BLS cycling clubs.

Zhe to be established step the Chinese team players in the tournament record in the women striking Zhao Qin win the championship, the man mountain group, we were runner-up rookie driver Chen Xing, roads elite group, we are top five in four steps Zhe the team's driver. Zhe-step look forward to 2016 Chinese team's performance.